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Posted by Kim Hildebrand

Many people don't understand Staging. What does it mean? Why do I need Staging? Does it really work?

Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Staging.

Q: What are some simple ways I can spruce up my home before listing?

Clean your house! It's always easiest and the best choice to hire a professional to thoroughly clean you home from top to bottom; and, that includes you windows. We always say, "A clean house is a Seller's best friend".

Pack away those precious personal items and keepsake collections. You are selling size, light, space, amenities. A Buyer should be looking at the great things your home has to offer, not all the items which are personal to you and your family.

Remember, you are offering your home for someone to purchase. Editing out items, relocating furniture, packing up and storing your posessions is all about creating a space a Buyer wants to live in and enjoy with their family, as you have with yours. It's not personal, it's real estate!

Q: Should I paint my rooms and if so, what color?

If your room color is extremely bright, personal to your taste or doesn't compliment the space, painting should be a consideration. Use a neutral color, but never white. White is actually a cold color and will not photograph properly to show off your beautiful space. Depending upon the overall color of your floors, counters, decor, etc., sticking to warm neutrals in beige, gold and gray tones is usually the best choice.

Q: Should I stage the outside areas of my home?

Absolutely! Staging an outdoor area for sitting or entertaining is like adding more square footage to a house. Make sure any porch looks appealing and like a spot to relax. Small touches like a firepit in the backyard, a bench with a potted plant near a tree, etc., can make a huge difference in the appeal of your home.

Q: How can I enhance the square footage of my home with Staging?

You want to create as much visual square footage as possible! Even if a potential buys is downsizing, they're still looking for space. Removing as much unnecessary furniture as possible, editing accessories, de-cluttering everything from built-in's to glass cupboards all creates a sense of openness throughout the home and leaves a Buyer with the feeling that the home has plenty of space for their family needs!

Q: I'm on a budget, can I still have my home staged?

Yes! Your Home Stager should be able to offer you several different options for costs of staging your home. There is a lot a Seller can do on their own, but if you chose to hire a professional, they will work within your budget.

Q: What recommendations can you offer about how my home should be staged?

Take care of maintenence items and speak with your Realtor regarding larger expenditures (kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, etc.) to determine what will garner the best return on investment. Buyers don't necessarily want to spend more money on home repairs. And, they may over-estimate what it would cost to affect those repairs. Take that out of the equation. Don't give a perspective Buyer a reason to offer you less for the purchase of your home because "there is work to be done".

The entire purpose of staging is to draw the potential buyer into the space. By staging the rooms from the perspective as you enter a space, buyers have a chance to immediately see the allure of the space, and once there interest is piqued, they are more apt to walk in for a closer look rather than just pass through.

A Stager can assist you with de-cluttering, cleaning, repairing, neutralizing, and updating decor and last, but certainly not least, showcasing the property. All of these will factor into garnering interest in your home and receive top dollar for your property.

Last, your Stager can offer suggestions on how to live in your home while you are offereing the property for sale. Living to sell is not the same as living to enjoy your residence. Baskets for personal items kept under the sink can help children to keep the bathrooms clean. Decorative containers with lids can help hide items used daily, but keep them easily accesible to you and your family. A laundry basket you can quickly store in a closet, basement, garage, your car, etc., is great for grabbing those last minute clean-up items. You WANT perspective buyers to come by and see your home; you just don't want to have to spend more than 10 to 15 minutes getting ready for them!

Our general motto is the more you do up-front, the more appealing your home is to Buyers, the more Buyers will want to see your home. And, that means more opportunity for an offer or multiple offers!

Q: Does staging really work?

Unquestionably, yes! Staging really does work!

Homes which are staged stay on the market an average of 28 days and can sell for up to 17% more than homes which are unstaged.

The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) conducted a study of 359 homes which were staged prior to listing. Onaverage, the staged homes recieved an offer in the first 26 days! And, almost 20% of homes recieved multiple offers.

Isn't that what we all want?

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